Past Present Future

How can jewellery challenge & contribute to the language of sustainability?
What are the conversations about sustainably that are triggered by the jewels we make?
Where are the questions in our practice about sustainability & how do they have a
connected relationship with the making, methods & materials we use?

Words credit: Mark Mcleish

Exhibiting members:
Annika Ingelaere @annikaingelaere
Bernadotte Daly @dinkystrumpet
Brenda Schweder @brendaschweder__recombobulator
Carolina Apolonia @carolina.apolonia
Ekaterina Korzh @korzhstudio
Elizabth Bone @liz_bone
Elvira Cibotti @elviracibotti
Heather Blake @heatherblakeart
Jane Wood @janelwood
Juan Riusech @jriusech
Lena Echelle @echellelenamarie
Lucy Spink @lucyspinkjewellery
Lynne Speake @lynne_speake
Maria Hammond @mariasmakery
Melissa Hampson Smith @mjhscontemporary
Paula Isola @paulaisolajoyas
Rachael Colley @rachaelcolleyartist
Victoria King @victoriakinglondon
Wiebke Pandikow @wpandikow

The Categories …

​Past: a work that is made from recycled, found or reused existing materials
(this piece is an existing work & is from any time in the artists life)

Present: a work that identifies current ideas of sustainability within the artists practice.
This could be conversations around ethical & greener making, sourcing of materials,
both, or something else (existing work created in the past 3 years)

Future: is a new work that has been made especially for the show, biodegrade, low impact and
will at some point soon or eventually return to the earth

Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre
17th February 2024 – 18th May 2024